A labyrinth from the Ice Age // Resava Cave (Despotovac)

80 million years old and still more attractive than your mother in law, Resava Cave is considered among the most beautiful underground caves in Serbia. Perhaps the once best kept secret of the country’s east, this underground labyrinth dates back to the ice age!

Quietly tucked away under a limestone hill known as Old Lady’s Head, Resava Cave is only 20 km away from Despotovac, the closest major town. You can’t go wrong visiting this place, as some of Serbia’s best attractions are quite damn close as well. Find the Zlot Caves, Lazar’s Canyon and Serbia’s tallest waterfall all within driving distance – it’s road trip time!

In one way and out the other, your path through the cave follows manmade stone stairs, leading down through the lower cave floors. Though 4.5 km long, only 2.8 km of the cave have been explored, with visitors being granted access to about 800 m of exploration space. Nevertheless, this is Serbia’s first cave to be prepared for tourists.

A mix of red, yellow, and white colours greet you, as you explore two levels of prehistoric natural architecture. Make your way through halls featuring towering columns, stalagmites resembling beehives, and ceilings made of marble. One hall is even the site of historic findings such as the remains of an arctic fox and prehistoric human fireplaces.

Fun fact: During the 70’s, Arsenije Jovanovic directed an improvised musical performance using the cave’s stalagmites and stalactites as a musical instrument. Talk about genius!

Tips & Essentials:

  • Bring warm clothes. Resava Cave keeps a steady temperature of 7 degrees celsius all year round.
  • Visiting is possible only through an organised tour. Call +381 35 611 110 to make your reservation. Entry is 300 RSD (roughly 3 euros) for adults.

How to get to Resava Cave:

Getting here by car is easy. Resava Cave is a great day-trip destination at just a two-hour drive from Belgrade. Have a look at the route here.

Favour public transport? Buses regularly travel from Belgrade to Despotovac. Alternatively, head to Jagodina and catch a connecting local service should you find yourself in a city that doesn’t pass through Belgrade.

Then, catch a local bus from Despotovac to nearby village Stromosten. From here, make your way to motel “Lisine”, about 3 km away. Thereafter, it’s about a 1.5 hour walk to the Resava Cave, during which you would have past Serbia’s tallest waterfall, the Buk Waterfall.

Should you need additional directions, call the Despotovac bus station on +381 35 611 162 or the Despotovac local tourism office on  +381 35 611 110.

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