Lisine Waterfall

If you’re adventuring throughout the Homolje region in Eastern Serbia then the Lisine Waterfall is a great pitstop destination. It’s nestled amidst the lush forests, karst caves and fresh river courses of the Beljanica Mountain and is located nearby one country’s most beautiful caves and most inaccessible canyons. All in all, this waterfall is situated in prime adventure territory.

Being just over 130 km from Serbia’s capital, the Lisine Waterfall is a great day trip option from Belgrade. To make the most of your adventure while you’re here, visit the Resava Cave, Lazar’s Canyon, or simply embark on a 4-hour high atop the Beljanica Mountain. You’ll pass through thick forestry, vast sloping meadows and immense karst formations along the way.

The Lisine Waterfall was once considered the tallest in Serbia until new waterfalls were discovered on Stara Planina during the 1990s. Nevertheless, this picturesque beauty is worth seeing. Here the water of the Veliko Vrelo River plummets for approximately 20 m before filling a shallow basin and running off downstream. You will notice that the water is crystal clear and if you follow the river you will come across some cascades, a small man made bridge, as well as old mills turned into restaurants, serving freshly caught trout.

Tips & Essentials:

    • Couple a tour of the Resava Cave, ascent atop Beljanica, and exploration of Lazar’s Canyon as part of your adventure through the area.
    • It’s best to visit Lisine after the area has experienced rainfall, so that you may witness the full might of waterfall.

How to get to Lisine:

Finding the waterfall is easy – the 130 km drive from Belgrade is well marked. If you’re travelling from Serbia’s capital, take the Belgrade-Nis freeway and get off at the Despotovac exit. From there just follow the signs toward the Resava Cave. You’ll eventually start driving alongside the Resavica River, at which point you just keep going straight until you arrive at a crossroads. Then, you will see a sign pointing left for Lisine and right for the Resava Cave. Go left! Just be careful for the final 30 km of your trip, as the roads are quite narrow.

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