Marble Cave in Kosovo

The Marble Cave in Kosovo (Donje Gadimlje)

Visit the Marble Cave in Kosovo and discover an underground world of breathtaking stalactites, stalagmites and aragonites that have formed over 200 million years. Dating back to the Palaeozoic era, this Karst limestone cave is one of the jewels of Serbia’s deep south.

Largely unexplored, the Marble Cave is just 20 km south of Pristina, in the town of Donje Gadimlje. Falling under the Pec council area, the prehistoric cave rests in the eastern extremities of the Kosovo Valley. Nearby, the Sar Mountain National Park is one of the standout attractions within driving distance of the cave.

Discovered in 1966, the largely unexplored cave is about 1,260 m long, with 400-odd m being available to tourists. Its name comes from the Palaeozoic marble from which it was formed. Today, this marble can only be found on the very eastern edge of the Kosovo Valley. Covered in volcanic lava, the marble dates back to the formation of the valley.

Step inside and explore the cave to find three galleries featuring a myriad of vibrant colours lending themselves to your eyes. Blue, red, white, and yellow features are abundant along the cave ceilings, walls and floors, making for some extraordinary sightseeing. If that’s not enough, then transparent tubular stalactites taking the shape of organ pipes should definitely leave you in awe.

Travel Tips & Essentials:

  • Entry to the cave is 2.50 euro per person and includes a guided tour
  • The cave temperature varies between 8 and 13 degrees celsius, so warm clothing is advisable.

How to get to the Marble Cave:

Getting to the Marble Cave is rather easy. Take any bus from Pristina to Urosevac and ask the driver to let you off at Donje Gadimlje. From there, it’s just a 500 m walk to the cave.

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