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Valja Prerast

The Natural Stone Bridge // Valja Prerast (Rudna Glava)

A heavenly oasis encapsulated by lush vegetation, Valja Prerast looks like a gateway leading to another dimension. Witness Serbia’s largest natural stone bridge, one of the country’s few not to be formed by a collapsing cave, rather by its namesake river flowing beneath.

Valja Prerast sits quietly in Rudna Glava, just a mere 10 km from the closest major town, Majdanpek. Nearby you can find one of Europe’s oldest copper mining sites, as well as natural wonders such as Beli Izvorac, a series of cascades featuring a 16 m high waterfall, sitting beneath the shady refuge of an abundance of surrounding trees.

Your picturesque path to the natural stone bridge follows a 1.3 km trail through scenic greenery flanked by tall stone walls and a gently flowing shallow river. The river features plenty of stones, perfect for stepping on and not getting your feet wet.

Once you’re at Valja Prerast, an imposing 44.8 m tall structure greets you. Taller than the majority its surrounding trees, this site has definitely made sure it’s the standout attraction in the area.

Travel Tips & Essentials:

  • Stick around during the late afternoon and you should be able to get great photographs of the sun’s rays beaming through the arch.
  • Bring a backpack packed with water, spare shorts and spare shoes – You might get a little wet.

How to get to Valja Prerast:

Buses travel to nearby towns on a daily basis from Serbia’s capital. You can take a bus from Belgrade to Rudna Glava or nearby town, Majdanpek.

See timetables for buses here:

Travelling by car? The trail to Valja Prerast is just off of Route 33, so head north from Rudna Glava or South from Majdanpek. See the location here.

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