The Raca River Canyon

One of Serbia’s most famous mountains, Tara is home to an abundance of untouched nature and hidden gems. One such gem is the Raca River Canyon; a hidden oasis of lush vegetation. As the canyon is home to a number of obstacles, which you must overcome should you wish to make your way all the way through, this place is definitely the home of next-level adventure.

The Raca Canyon is located in the eastern part of the Tara National Park along its eponymous river. The Jarevac Lake is its source and from there it stretches through the Tara Mountain until its confluence with the Drina River, near Bajina Basta. The river’s canyon is located just beyond its source and is quite accessible. Simply follow a macadam that leads from the abandoned military hotel, Hotel Tara, and to the Jarevac Lake.

Entering the canyon, a world of unspoiled and endless greenery awaits discovery. Cascades, springs, waterfalls, rapids and an abundance of canyoning obstacles all become part of your adventure through this 6 km-long canyon. If you’re brave enough, you may opt to adventure all the way through the canyon, from its source to the 13th-century Raca Monastery located at its end. The former Yugoslav army made getting through here possible, as they used the canyon as a training ground. You may find several anchor along the vertical obstacles inside the canyon, helping you make your way through.

Once you exit the canyon, you may visit the Raca Monastery. King Stefan Dragutin built the monastery between 1276 and 1282 CE and it later became a place where Serbian church dignitaries, nobles and rulers were buried. At this stage you will be 7 km south of Bajina Basta. If you continue to follow the river, you will come to its confluence with the Drina River, just downstream from the famous House on the Drina River.

Tips & Essentials:

    • If you want to make your way all the way through the canyon and aren’t experienced in canyoning, then hire the services of one of the local canyoning tour operators.
    • Bring full canyoning and abseiling gear i.e. ropes, descenders, carabiners, wet suit, helmet, canyoning shoes.
    • Bring spare clothes and shoes.
    • A backpack to carry everything and water bottle will also be necessary.

How to get to the Raca River Canyon:

Located 7 km away from the Raca Monastery, Bajina Basta is one of the better starting points from which to begin your adventure through the canyon. Several daily bus services are available from Belgrade and the trip to Bajina Basta takes four hours on average. Check for scheduled bus times on БАС.

If you want your adventure to begin from the river’s source, then head to the abandoned military hotel, Hotel Tara. From there, a macadam road leads toward the Jarevac Lake, from which you simply follow the river to promptly arrive at the canyon. The other option is to start from the back end, from the Raca Monastery.

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