Stopica Cave

An unmissable adventure in Serbia’s west, the Stopica Cave is one of the country’s most distinct cave systems. Here you may tour five different cave sections, boasting features you will struggle to find elsewhere in the country. Witness a 10 m subterranean waterfall, cascading rock formations and a 100 m thick limestone layer dating from the Triassic period, all situated inside a cave known for its unique climate conditions.

Located in its namesake village, the Stopica Cave is located 30 km from the city of Uzice and only 19 km away from the Zlatibor tourist centre. In Uzice you may visit Stari Grad, a ruined medieval fortress perched atop a steep cliff and surrounded by the river Djetinja. On the other hand, on the Zlatibor mountain, one of Serbia’s most visited tourist destinations offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Here you may experience the country’s famous Sargan Eight train, Emir Kusturica’s Drvengrad ethno village as well as the Sirogojno open air museum, another ethno village.

The Stopica Cave is an easy-to-access river cave located below the Uzice-Sirogojno highway. Following a designated parking area, a well marked and paved path leads to the cave. Thereafter, a grand 18 m tall and 35 m wide entrance greets you, an attraction in itself. The cave is over 1,600 m long and is located 711 m above sea level. Unlike many other caves in Serbia the Stopica Cave interior temperature is not constant throughout the year – a cold outdoor climate results in a cold climate within the cave and the same applies during warmer conditions. Stopica Cave also isn’t decorated with an abundance of natural ornaments as many of the country’s other caves, though it of course possesses its own unique beauty.

Spread across five sections, the Stopica Cave houses the Light Hall, Dark Hall, Great Hall, the Canal, and the River Canal. Entrance to the cave, the Light Hall gives a great impression of what visitors can expect inside, being 18 m high, 40 m wide and 75 m long. Here you will discover openings in the ceiling, through which people have fallen in the past. At the end of the Light Hall there is a small wooden bridge which leads to the Dark Hall.

The Dark Hall is the largest area inside the cave and measures 100 m long while reaching a height of up to 25 m. The room is dimly lit, and appropriately so, as to give visitors a similar experience to speleologists who studied the cave. The floor in this room is often flooded, especially during high tide. There is yet another small bridge at the end of the hall, leading to the Great Hall.

Home to a series of cascading basins, the Great Hall is one of the most impressive rooms inside Stopica Cave. The cauldrons are 12 m wide, up to 5 m thick and up to 7 m deep.  They overflow during high tide, though they are no less impressive when not filled with water. From here, some of the cave’s features are inaccessible, though its most impressive feature is fortunately accessible. Known as the ‘source of life’ the 9.44 m tall waterfall, located in the next room is the most captivating feature inside the cave. During high tide the waterfall’s gush becomes so deafening that its difficult to hear the person beside you.

Tips & Essentials:

  • Though not compulsory, it would be useful to bring a torch, especially for when you’re going through the Dark Hall.
  • The temperature inside the cave is dependent on outdoor conditions. Bring a warm layer of clothing should you visit outside of summer months.
  • The cave is open from 09:00 to 18:30.
  • Be sure to keep to the designated path, as to help preserve the cave’s interior.
  • Be sure to keep to the designated path, as to help preserve the cave’s interior.
  • Entry to the cave costs 250 RSD

How to get to Stopica Cave:

Using your own means of transport is the easiest way of getting to the Stopica Cave. If you’re travelling from Belgrade then head south using the E-763 highway toward Zlatibor. Thereafter turn left onto Route 95. Once you pass the village Rozanstvo the road will lead down hill and then back up again. Look for a turn off to the left. Follow this road and you will come to some designated parking. From there a marked pedestrian route leads to the cave.

If you’re using public transport then travelling via Uzice is the most viable way of getting to the Stopica Cave. There are multiple daily bus and train services to the city. For more information on getting to the cave from Uzice call the bus station on +381 31 521 765 or the train station on 031 513 521.

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