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The White Drin // Kosovo’s longest river

Strap on your swimmers and adventure along the longest river in Kosovo. Stretching for 175 km through the most picturesque parts of the region, the White Drin river got its name for the colour of the cascades found at its source. It stretches all the way through into Albania and is home to a cave, canyon, waterfall and vast lake.

The source of the White Drin River is located on the southern slopes of the Zljeb mountain, 15 km north of the closest city, Pec. Sinking underground during the first part of its course, the river springs at the village of Radovac where the White Drin Waterfall is located. The river then stretches for 156 km through Kosovo and the remainder of its length can be found in Albania.

Following a bridge leading across from the White Drin Waterfall, you may find the Radovacka Cave. The largely unexplored multi-level cave features a 9-degree Celsius year-round temperature. It is not adorned with stalactites and stalagmites to the same degree as some of Serbia’s other caves, though there are still some to be seen. The cave’s most impressive feature is perhaps its “baths” or “pools” which sometimes fill up with water. Scientists believe that the cave stretches through the massif and into Albania. Also, according to local legend, a dog once made its way all the way through the cave and was found on the other side.

Heading south between the cities of Djakovica and Prizren, one of the most picturesque parts of the river is the White Drin Canyon. The relatively short canyon is 900 m long and 45 m deep and is located by the road connecting the two aforementioned cities. Here you will find an 18th-century Ottoman bridge, from which traditional diving competitions have been held since 1954. During the tournament, local and regional competitors showcase their talent by diving into the water from atop the 20 m (72 ft) tall bridge. Additionally, the immediate surrounding area is a popular summer camping and swimming spot among locals.

Tips & Essentials:

  • The high-diving competition is usually held during the end of July.
  • A two-euro fee applies when visiting Radovacka Cave. It includes a guided tour.
  • The Radovacka Cave is 9 degrees celsius all year round. Bring warm clothing when you visit.

How to get to the White Drin:

If you wish to tour the river from its source through until the canyon then the closest major town to start from is Pec. To visit the White Drim Waterfall and Radovac Cave, simply head to Pec and then take a taxi to the waterfall, located only 15 km away. You should stop in front of some restaurants, from which there is a paved path leading upstream toward the waterfall and cave.

To visit the White Drin Canyon take the road connecting Prizren and Djakovica (R107). It should take you roughly 15 minutes to get there from Djakovica and roughly half an hour from Prizren. You can also take an intercity bus and ask them to stop at the Fshajt bridge.

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