The Krupajsko Spring // Serbia’s Exotic Ecological Oasis

Turquoise water, lush vegetation, hanging vines, and a mysterious cave. No, this is not Thailand, nor is it Central America, nor something from a fairytale. This ecological oasis is the Krupajsko Spring, and it’s in Eastern Serbia.

Tucked away on Mount Beljanica’s western foothills, the Krupajsko Spring is 35km away from the closest major town, Zagubica. Belgrade is also only 120km away, making this attraction a great day trip option from the Serbian capital. There are an abundance of other attractions in the surrounding area you shouldn’t miss as well. Among them is the Maglic fortress, a 13th-century castle just a 40-minute drive away. Additionally, the Resava Cave, one of Serbia’s most beautiful, is another site within driving distance that’s well worth seeing. Finally, you may also see the Veliki Buk waterfall, just a 50-minute drive away.

The Krupajsko Spring is the result of a dam being built on its namesake river in 1947. Encapsulated by lush vegetation, the water seems almost completely still until it finally flows over the dam and starts rushing downstream. The pool of water measures 40m by 17m; averages between 9C and 11C; and features a high range of visibility, stretching for as deep as 6 m. Aside from its exotic water, a cave’s entrance is definitely the springs’ most noticeable feature. Few divers have explored the cave’s depths, discovering only 123m of the hidden world and describing the cave as a labyrinth of underwater canals.

Tips & Essentials:

Spring and Summer are undoubtedly the best times to visit the Krupajsko Spring, as the surrounding vegetation is in full bloom during this time.

How to get to the Krupajsko Spring:

The Krupajsko Spring is a great day trip option for from Belgrade. Having said that, the best way to get here is with a car. Just look at this map. Notice that the road takes you right to the spring.

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