Stol mountain

Hiking atop the Stol and Veliki Krs mountains

If you’ve got a weakness for jaw dropping views from conquered mountain tops, strap on your hiking boots and head atop mounts Stol and Veliki Krs. These two very different mountains are reached from the same starting point, though you must head in two different directions. Each offers a vastly different experience and both are deserving of a spot on your ‘to conquer’ list despite neither being among Serbia’s tallest.

Located just 30 km from the city of Bor in Serbia’s East, the Stol and Veliki Krs mountains are part of some of the country’s prime adventure county. Just 13 km west of Bor you may find the Bor Lake. You may also find the Zlot Caves, located by Lazar’s Canyon, by heading 20 km south-west from Bor.

Completely surrounded by greenery, you will reach the Stol mountain’s peak following a medium-difficulty hike. The hike firstly leads through some woods for about 30 minutes before it opens up and you reach the local mountain lodge. A short but steep incline await at this point, though your ascent should take no more than one hour. From atop the Stol mountain you are treated to views of the Veliki and Mali Krs mountains, Deli Jovan mountain, and the surrounding lake.

Viewing the Veliki Krs from atop, you could be forgiven likening its ridge to the back of an extinct dinosaur. One of the most widespread mountains in Eastern Serbia, the Veliki Krs is definitely less forgiving of the two. Its ridge features a multitude of inclines and declines that will test even the most avid hiker. To truly conquer this mountain means to successfully trek across its 12 km span – not a task for the faint hearted.

Tips & Essentials:

  • Bring plenty of food and water as the local mountain lodge has no running water or electricity.
  • Camping on the foothills of the Stol mountain is a very viable option.
  • Ensure you bring sturdy hiking boots, particularly if you plan on crossing the entirety of the Veliki Krs.
  • The peak of Veliki Krs isn’t where you’ll catch the best view. Keep following the markings along until you are looking directly down the ridge.

How to get to the Stol and Veliki Krs mountains:

Bor is the gateway to both mountains should public transport be your mode of travel, with daily buses travelling here directly from Belgrade. Once you reach Bor, catch a local bus toward the village Gornjane and ask the driver to let you off at Bucje (prounounce Buch-yeah).

To hike atop Veliki Krs, simply head in the opposite direction from the same starting point, also leading through some woods. Once you make your way through the woods and onto the mountain ridge there’s only about another 500 m of hiking to do before you reach the peak.

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