Maljen Mountain

The Maljen Mountain

A nature lover’s paradise, the Maljen Mountain is the largest massif in a famous circle of mountains in the surrounds of Valjevo. Adventure throughout four nature reserves and five peaks, all hiding various rivers, streams and canyons from an average height of 1,000 m above sea level.

The Maljen mountain is located some 30 km south of Valjevo and is only 120km from Belgrade, making it a great day trip option from Serbia’s capital.  You may also find the the Povlen and Suvobor mountains nearby, though there’s plenty of adventure to be had on the Maljen alone. Furthermore, the Maljen mountain is home to Serbia’s famous Divcibare resort – a top place for some rest and recuperation, from which you can access no less than 15 cycling tracks spanning 400 km.

The Crni Vrh and Kraljev Sto peaks are where you want to go when you visit the Maljen mountain. Taking you 1,043 m above sea level, the Crni Vrh peak treats you to premium views of the nearby Kopaonik mountain. Though, visit during the early hours of a clear sunny day and expect to see as far as Montenegro’s Durmitor. The Kraljev Sto peak, on the other hand, is the highest peak of the Maljen mountain. Accessible by car, the peak is home to a military facility and mountainous settlement, after which the peak is named.

Other peaks on the Maljen mountain include the Paljba, Golubac and Velika Plec, though there’s more to this mountain than its pinnacles. Ensure that you visit the various rivers and canyons on offer here, including the Bukovska River, Crna (Black) River, Krcmarska River and the Crna Kamenica. Alongside the aforementioned, the Skakalo waterfall should also be on your list of things to see here.

Tips & Essentials:

  • Make sure you bring the standard adventure gear. Good hiking shoes, windproof jackets and plenty of water.

How to get to the Maljen Mountain:

Travel south from Belgrade to Maljen by taking Route 22 (also referred to as E-763) and then connect to route 175, which you will take you to a fork after about 100 km. Turn right at the fork and you’re at the centre of Divcibare, which can serve as your starting point to seeing the rest of the mountain.

You can get to Kraljev Sto by car, though going by foot will definitely be more adventurous. If you go by car, simply drive to the military facility and park there. Thereon, it’s just a 3 minute walk to the top.  All the other peaks will require that you ask one of the locals for directions, perhaps from the Divcibare resort. Some of the local signage has to known to be misleading.

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