Bac Fortress // Oldest in the North (Bac)

Head to Serbia’s north and feast your eyes on the Bac Fortress, the region’s best-preserved medieval structure. A once formidable military fortification, considered among the greats along the Pannonian Plain during its time, Vojvodina’s oldest military stronghold has stood the test of time since its inception in the 14th century.

Located just a stone’s throw from it’s namesake town and about an hour from Novi Sad, the Bac Fortress sits among the top day trip destinations in the country’s north.

One tough son of a gun, the brick-built structure has endured the rule of Avars, Celts, Hungarians and the Ottomans. No shortage of wars have put this place through its paces, including the Mongol Invasion, Battle of the Mohacs, and the Rakoczi Rebellion, during which the fortress was destroyed and abandoned.

A reconstructed 18 m high central tower, four lateral towers, and the pentagonal layout of the fortress itself greet you upon arrival. Head to the top of the central tower and take in unbroken views over the surrounding vast flat plain. Then go beneath it to find a souvenir store and exhibits of artefacts found around the fortress grounds.

Travel Tips & Essentials:

  • Visit during a hot day with clear skies. It’ll be your best chance to witness the effect of the sun setting into the sea from atop the central tower, as you look over the surrounding flatlands.

How to get to Bac Fortress:

Your best bet of getting to Bac using public transport is to catch a bus from Novi Sad to Backa Palanka and then to Bac. Otherwise, there are infrequent buses travelling directly between Novi Sad and Bac on a daily basis.

If you’re travelling by car:

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