Palic Lake

Palic Lake

A tourism hub abundant with activities for just about every sort of holiday goer, Palic Lake is a favoured daily, weekend and holiday getaway destination among locals and tourists alike. Here sports, recreation and relaxation activities all lend themselves to you, at Northern Serbia’s largest natural lake.

Palic Lake is less than 10 km from Subotica, Serbia’s northernmost major city and home to outstanding architecture. Other nearby sites well worth the visit, include Ludas Lake and Selevenj heath, both of which are considered special nature reserves. The former is a mere 7km east of Palic, while the latter is just a further 6km away in the same direction.

Boredom is a very difficult thing to achieve here. Palic Lake caters to enthusiasts of all sorts, including lovers of sports and birdwatching. During your stay you may engage in anything from kayaking and paddle boarding to tennis and athletics. Not a lover of sports? Then, enjoy the sight of 61 different bird species, head for some rest and relaxation in the mineral-rich spa at the lake’s north, or simply sunbathe from along the lakeside.  

Encapsulated by a 17km-long promenade, the lake averages between 1.5m and 2m deep while covering a grand total of 3.8 square kilometres. Dating back to the 20th century, its neighbours include an abundance of restaurants, as well as villas and hotels, predominantly built in the “Palic style”.

Tips & Essentials:

Try visiting in July and you will have the pleasure of witnessing the Palic Film Festival.

How to Get to Palic Lake:

Getting here is a piece of cake, no matter your mode of transport. Buses from Belgrade and Novi Sad travel to Subotica regularly. From there, it’s just a 5 minute train ride directly to the lake. Or, you could even walk.

Coming here by car? Travel along the E-75 highway and take the Subotica-north exit. From there, Palic Lake is just 3km away.

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