The Ram Fortress // One of Serbia’s oldest forts

The Ram Fortress is one of Serbia’s oldest and best-preserved military strongholds. Though its exact build date remains a mystery, first records of the stone-built fortification trace back to the 12th century. Then, during Trajanic times, the fort housed cavalry, when Byzantine forces defeated the Hungarian armies. Today, the fortress peacefully overlooks the Danube river and features some of the best military stronghold remains that can be found in the region.

The Ram Fortress is located only 15 km away from Veliko Gradiste, the closest major town, as well as 25 km away from Pozarevac, the administrative centre of the area. If you want to see some more imposing fortresses nearby, then the Smederevo and Golubac fortresses are both nearby, and both are located on the Danube River.

Historical sources first mention the Ram Fortress in 1128 CE, though today’s iteration of the fort belongs traces back to the 15th century. Sultan Bayazid II revised the fortress during his rule between 1480 and 1512, so that he may better protect the right bank of the river. Taking up the shape of a rectangular polygon, the fortress consists of five towers containing four floors, with three located in the east and two in the west. Of all the towers, only the tower farthest southeast isn’t well preserved.

Entrance to the fort is made through the donjon tower. You will notice holes made for cannons in all the walls save for the western wall. The Ram Fortress is 34 m at its longest point and 26 m at its widest. Not far from the fortress the Turks built a caravanserai, a form of roadside inn for resting travellers.

Tips & Essentials:

  • The honey and flower festival is usually held in the first week of May in the nearby town of Veliko Gradiste.
  • The honey and flower festival is usually held in the first week of May in the nearby town of Veliko Gradiste.
  • The world’s longest regatta, TID passes through here every year. The 75-day long festival covers 2,450 km as it makes its way from the German city Ingolstadt to the port of St. George in Romania. The regatta begins during the last week of June and concludes during the beginning of September.
  • SILAFEST, a tourism and environmental film festival is held alongside the Danube during the end of August and the beginning of September.

How to get to the Ram Fortress:

If you’re travelling by bus, then there is one daily service travelling from Serbia’s capital to Veliko Gradiste. The trip takes roughly 2 hours. Though, you may take one of many daily service to Pozarevac and take one of two connecting buses from there.

Using your own means of transport? Then take the A1 along with Route 34 to get to Veliko Gradiste. Or just look at this map.  

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