Devil’s Town // Serbia’s Natural Wonder

Witness a natural phenomenon rarely seen anywhere else on planet earth. A nominee for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Devil’s Town is Serbia’s only geomorphological phenomenon of its kind, and is one of a few cases present in today’s world. Here you can find 202 extraordinary rock formations standing up to 15 m in height. Their existence is tied to both legend and science, though you’ll have to decide which story is less fishy of the two.

Devil’s Town is within driving distance of Nis, just 89 km away. Kursumlija is the closest major settlement. And, three relaxing spa towns are also nearby. Find Lukovska, Kursumlijska and Prolom Banja, renowned Serbian spas ready to receive you for some relaxation. Home to Ivan’s Tower, Mount Radan also offers an avenue for additional adventure, including a 27 km hike to this attraction.

Legend tells us that the earth pyramids of Devil’s Town are in fact petrified guests who didn’t fulfill their promises to a wicked witch. Though, science reveals that they are in fact formed by erosion. Humans are the force that have made the formation of these pillars possible at all. Due to cutting down the surrounding trees, the sun, wind and water have all been able to accelerate the erosive process and leave us with 15 m tall pillars, up to 3m in width.

Views of Devil’s Town can be taken from a platform above, or via two paths below, each leading either side of the attraction. You will notice large rocks atop each of the pillars. They protect the ‘wedding guests’ from eroding further and weight up to 100 kg each – while the surrounding soil vanishes the pillars remain. The pillars sit atop a site once extremely active with volcanic activity, which is probably the reason highly acidic water can be found nearby.

Within the vicinity of this site, you may find the Devil’s Well, highly acidic water that’s up to 1,000 times as mineral rich as drinking water. Continue downstream for another 400m and you’ll come across the Red Well. Named for the small pool of red water formed due to oxidizing iron, the Red Well’s water is less acidic and mineral rich. All three elements: the towers, Devil’s Well, and Red Well have contributed to the naming of this rare natural wonder.

Travel Tips & Essentials:

  • Entry is just 3.50 euros.
  • Don’t drink the water.

How to get to Devil’s Town:

Travelling by car? Head south on the Nis – Pristina road and exit toward the left at Dobri Dol. From there, drive through the village Zebice for 6km before you make a left turn onto newly-paved road. Follow this road for 3km and you’re at Devil’s Town. Or, just look at this map.

If hiking tickles your fancy, then head to Prolom Banja and take the ‘Path of Wealth’ over the Prolom Mountain. It’s about 9km, or about a 2.5 hour round trip.

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