Dry Mountain

The Trek to Trem // Head atop Serbia’s Dry Mountain

Head atop one of Serbia’s most impressive mountains and embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless. Situated just 35km from Serbia’s third-largest city, the Dry Mountain is the perfect adventure location, being both accessible and remote at the same time. Here you will pass through untouched wilderness as you make your way to Trem, the mountain’s highest peak.

The Dry Mountain is located just 17km away from Nis and is very accessible due to this close proximity. You may find the Sicevo and Nisevac gorges nearby, each providing out-of-this-world views of the surrounding nature, and finishing off a trio of natural sites that should be on your to see list if you’re in the area. Additionally, the mountain is home to Divljansko lake, a favoured summer cool down spot among locals. Located right next to the lake is the 4th-century St. Dimitri monastery – yet another attraction adding to the impressiveness of this massif.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your way to Trem. Your path atop the Dry Mountain follows a 15 km hike that will see you ascend over 1,000 m in about 4 hours. You would have past the peaks Mosor (984 m above sea level) and Falcon’s Stone (1,523 m above sea level) along the way, both of which provide unbroken views of the surrounding area. The former is favoured among alpinists due to its inaccessibility, while the latter is the penultimate peak, separated from Trem by the Young Ladies Graveyard pass.

Tips & Essentials:

Good footwear is a must – Wear either hiking boots or cross-trainers.

Take a windbreaker jacket, at the very least, for when you’re atop the mountain. The wind can get fast and cold, even during summer.

Bring plenty of food and water. The trek atop the mountain will take a few hours.

How to get to the Dry Mountain & Trem:

Getting to the mountain itself is a piece of cake. Its proximity to Nis means that transport costs are minimal. Just take a bus from either Nis or Niska Banja to Bojanine vode and you’re set.

Your path to the summit begins from the mountain lodge located at Bojanine Vode. Follow a marked trail from the lodge for roughly 45 minutes, after which you will finally arrive at a forest. A spring will meet you at the start of the forest, so drink some fresh mountain water and continue making your way up. After roughly 3 – 4 hours of hiking, you would have reached your destination.

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