Banjska Stena Lookout (Mitrovac)

A sight for sore eyes, the Banjska Stena viewpoint easily ranks among Serbia’s premiere sightseeing experiences. From a mere 1,065 m above sea level, you get to take in views of the famous Drina canyon, Perucac lake, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Osata area, combined – top that!

Located in the Tara National Park in Serbia’s west, Banjska Stena is 10 km away from the closest major town, Mitrovac. There’s plenty to see and do around here as well, with the famous House on the Drina, 13th-century monastery Raca, and abundance of surrounding nature all nearby.

A 5 km journey from the nearest tourist office, your destination follows a path featuring untouched nature, lush greenery, and all the fresh air your lungs can handle. Elect to either hike from the office, or drive up to the parking lot and you’ll be 1 km from the attraction. Though, the longer route is definitely tempting with all the fresh air on offer.

Now that you’ve arrived at your desired destination, take in the expansive, unbroken and breathtaking views on offer. A wooden fence and benches complete the scene, as you let the day go by, and allow nature to leave a lasting impression.

Travel Tips & Essentials:

  • Visit Banjska Stena from May to September, during Serbia’s warmer months. Winter can get quite foggy and you risk missing out on those spectacular views.
  • Head to the local tourist office and get a map of the area.
  • Try travelling in groups, particularly if you’re coming here during winter. Animal sightings are not uncommon – safety first.
  • Bring solid footwear and a bottle of water.

How to get to Banjska Stena:

Travelling by bus is the most viable public transport option. From Belgrade, Novi Sad or Nis, go here via Bajina Basta, from which you have buses to Mitrovac.

Check bus timetables here. Also, call the Bajina Basta bus station on +381 31 865 485 for scheduled bus times to Mitrovac.

If you’re travelling by car, then:

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